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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Song of The Month | July

Song of The Month is a new series i'm introducing to my blog. As you've probably guessed, i'll be sharing my most listened to song with you guys at the end of every month. Hopefully i'll be able to give you something new to listen to or remind you of an older song you used to love. My taste varies in style so there should be something interesting for everyone.

My most played song this month is by far Let Her Go by Passenger. It has such beautiful lyrics which you'll pick up within minutes and I don't know a single person who doesn't love it. In contrast to many other songs on Passenger's debut album All The Little Lights, it has a much softer and more emotional melody, so grab your tissues!

Love, Anna x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer Plans

With only one week left of collage, summer is temptingly close and my expectations are as high as ever; pool parties, day trips to the beach, BBQs, festivals, basking in the sunshine and going out every night. 

I seem to have forgotten that year after year, i'm not actually in an American teen movie and instead spend six weeks alternating between sleeping, eating, and interneting.

Despite this, i'm determined to make this summer the best yet. In order to do this, i'm aiming to do something productive/interesting at least six days a week and post a lot more often. Realistic? Probably not. Worth a shot? Definitely.

This will be my first summer of having a job and therefore i'll be able to afford to do more in my spare time. I already have booked a camping trip with my boyfriend and a holiday with my family which i'm super excited for. I also have my seventeenth birthday in August which means I can finally start learning to drive! Less exciting is AS Level results day on August 15th which is cruelly close to the end of summer. This means the back of my mind will be overflowing with impatience and terror for the most part of the holidays.

Unfortunately all of that adds up to about two weeks worth of entertainment so if you have any amazing plans for the summer, comment below so I can pinch some inspiration!

Love, Anna x