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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadow | Review

As usual I am absolutely skint. However, that's no excuse to miss out on a new season of makeup, so I decided to browse the high street for a cheap fix. Of course I marched straight into Superdrug (student discount anyone?). Since it's Autumn I felt I needed to to bring some warmth into my daily makeup routine, any shade of brown or burgundy has my vote and you can't go wrong with a smudge of glitter!

After seeing beauty bloggers rave reviewing Maybelline's Colour Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadow, I simply had to try it out. I'm not overly adventurous with make up so I plumped for the shimmery On and On Bronze, £4.99 - Bargain! I absolutely love this product already because the pigment can be applied lightly to give a delicate, natural glow yet is strong enough to be built up for a night out. A natural bronze eye suits absolutely all skin tones and hair colours and is perfect for a cosy yet glamorous look. It's also so easy to apply, I don't use a brush as I find it smooths on easily by finger. It claims to last for 24 hours. but that's a little longer than I care to wear make up for, so I can only report back that it stays put and crease free for a good 12 hours. I definitely recommend this product if you're searching for budget beauty this season.
Love, Anna x