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Monday, 28 October 2013

Song Of The Month | October

My favourite song this month comes from an artist relatively new to the UK, Lorde. Unless you've been in hibernation lately, you're probably familiar with her debut single, Royals. Despite looking about twenty six, she's actually only sixteen. Even more impressively, Lorde wrote the lyrics herself. This gives me a huge sense of failure as i'm seventeen and my closest achievement to date is receiving a smiley face sticker in year two for a stick people drawing of the royal family, *sigh*.
She has such a unique vocal that seems to appeal to a variety of music tastes. Not only is the tune both catchy and calming, the lyricism is fantastically truthful and down to earth. An unusual topic for a song, she sings about the unnecessary extravagant lifestyle of modern celebrities. Let's just hope she stays true to herself and doesn't do a Miley Cyrus.

Have a listen here if you haven't already.

Love, Anna x