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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Twenty One

Recently i've seen the '21 facts about me' tag floating around the blogosphere a lot and i'll probably join in on this at a later date. However, for now, I thought sharing my twenty one all time favourite songs with you would tell you enough about me. It took a lot of intense trawling through my iTunes library but after much deliberation I finally managed to narrow it down. *Dermot O'Leary voice* In no particular order, here are the winners!

I definitely think I have a song for every mood here; some I can sing my heart out to whilst dancing around home alone, some I can listen to peacefully when I can't sleep and every situation in between! They also span over a few decades from 1982-2013 which is interesting. Comment below if you share any of my favourite songs. :)

Love, Anna x