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Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Playlist

This month I've spent as much time as possible snuggled up in the warm rather than have to brave winter. This means I've spent even more time on the internet to carefully pick out the songs I've loved the most this month. I've decided to change from just one song a month to a mini tracklist because I find it so hard just to choose one. A good mixture of old and new to dance yourself warm to.

Love, Anna x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bleach London Silver Hair Care | Review

As my natural blonde hair has grown dull and dark in the last few years, I get a full head of blonde highlights every couple of months at the hairdressers. Unfortunately this is very expensive on a student budget which could be better spent on 20 Costa chai teas or a new pair of Vans, but I don't trust box bleaches - the struggle. As any fake blonde will tell you, within weeks the lovely salon colour fades to a tacky kind of brassy yellow - yuck. 

All hail the arrival of purple shampoo. Designed for blonde hair, it has strong violet pigments to counteract the yellow and claims to leave you with a much prettier silvery ash blonde. After seeing positive reviews on Instagram, I decided to experiment with Bleach London. At £5 each for 250ml shampoo and conditioner, it's a little on the pricey side but a quick scan along the shelves of Boots tells you it's the going rate for such products. Worth a shot. The packaging immediately caught my eye - a cool street art design, purple themed of course. Not too big and not too small, just right!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Is bareMinerals Worth All the Hype? | Review

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a selection of bareMinerals makeup but annoyingly, I forgot to photograph it all freshly packaged before using it. I've included photos anyway, so I'm sorry it doesn't look as beautiful as it once did *cries at the memory*. Being an expensive range and one that beauty bloggers have raved about, I have to admit some of the products didn't live up to my high expectations. 

The Starter Kit included: Prime Time Foundation Primer, Fairly Light Foundation, Warmth All-Over Face Colour, Mineral veil and three brushes. Of course I had to have the lightest complexion range. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review: Very British Problems

Today on my little piece of internet, I'd like to share with you a book I recently bought which has really tickled my socially awkward little self. Rather than include it in a favourites post I feel it deserves full attention. Rob Temple's Very British Problems hilariously empathizes with the oh so awkward, temperamental and apologetic Great British Public. If you aren't from the UK then you'll probably find it to be ridiculous nonsense but if you are, I can assure you it's like reading your autobiography. If you're not an avid book reader, don't be put off. This book is basically a collection of one liners rather than huge chunks of text, it even has pictures!

A few of my favourite problems...

"Saying hello to a friend in the supermarket, then creeping around like a burglar to avoid seeing them again."

"The unwelcome surprise of someone telling you how they are after you've asked them how they are."

"Panicking in a sandwich shop and allowing a distressingly odd combination of fillings to happen."

"Looking away so violently as someone near by enters their pin that you dislocate your neck."

"The pure horror of mentioning a song and being asked, "How does it go?""

I won't say much more because I strongly recommend you all go and read this book right now this second. It had me laughing out loud (causing several choking on tea incidents) because I could relate to so many odd things that we all do for no apparent reason. I challenge you to deny facing most of these problems on a daily basis, It definitely earns five stars for humour, sarcasm and awkwardness. 

You can also check out the twitter account, @SoVeryBritish for further reassurance that you're not suffering alone. 

Love, Anna x

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year, Fairly Similar Me

Happy New Year everyone! 

Being the lazily unprepared soul I am, the new year has yet again sneaked up and pelted me with a load of gifts, food, expectations and opportunities. Having eaten enough to last me the whole year, I've devised a couple of resolutions I hope will outlast my 2013 targets, which I stuck with for approximately a fortnight. I won't bore you all with the same old British teen girl resolutions you've probably seen plastered across social media eighty seven thousand (ish) times, but I do have a few little things planned this year.

My first blog post in April 2013, cringe!
Firstly, this blog is soon to celebrate its first birthday! So far I haven't really made the effort to publicize it and gain many readers, I think I actually just talk to myself on here mostly, oops. So this year I want to try harder to establish more of an identity and mix up my ideas a bit. I feel I need to jazz everything up and maybe step away from the same old beauty reviews towards more general topics and anecdotes - watch this space! Note: I will be sitting my A Level exams this summer which has to be a priority, but after that it's full steam ahead.

Also this year I'll turn eighteen. For most people this is the most exciting thing ever but I feel kind of weird about it. I still skip around my house singing S Club 7 more often than is generally acceptable for an almost eighteen year old and I don't know the first thing about taxes. I guess I'm kind of stuck in 2008 and in denial that I'll one day have to do grown up things                                         such as stress about a mortgage and watch Question Time with a black coffee. 

Durham Cathedral A.K.A Hogwarts
September 2014 will be focused on only one thing - university. If all goes well with my exams, I'll be heading off to freshers week at Durham, eek! The Potterhead within me is SUPER excited to live in a city where parts of the actual Hogwarts building was filmed, so I can waltz around pretending I'm Hermione Granger. You can actually study Harry Potter as a degree there - don't worry, I'm not that crazy, I'm doing sociology. It's also really far away from where I live now because unlike most people I know, I want to embrace this chance to live somewhere completely different to force myself to become more independent, confident and experience a new world. Hopefully I'll make at least one friend and have the time of my life, fingers crossed.

That's all I have for this new year's update, I'll be sure to keep you posted on how I get on with all this.

Love, Anna x