Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cute Bedroom Accessories

Since moving house in Summer 2009, I've had to make the most of a teensy little box bedroom. This means it can be quite a challenge to decorate the space without it appearing too cluttered. However, I have acquired a few lovely pieces which I think add a more homely, personal touch to the room. They're a mixture of hand made gifts and shop bought items i've picked up on my travels. As i'm in the process of swapping beds, I haven't posted a photograph of my whole room as a temporary mattress bed kind of ruins the effect! Here are some of my favourite accessories anyway.

When I have my own house my dream is a cute, shabby chic bedroom, but for now i'm content with these little touches. I'm always on the hunt for pieces like these so if you have anything similar, i'd love to see some photos for inspiration!

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Love, Anna x