Thursday, 8 August 2013

Imagine Dragons | Night Visions

Lately I am absolutely LOVING indie rock band Imagine Dragons, you may know them from their most popular song, Radioactive. I'd describe their style as the lovechild of Bastille and The Killers, powerfully rhymic with emotional undertones.

I first discovered them around the start of 2013, a few months after their debut album Night Visions was released but didn't properly listen to them until a couple of months ago. 

Although their songs are extremely catchy and suit a variety of music tastes, I'd say you have to give them a few listens before you can get a proper feel of them. Trust me, once you've picked up the lyrics, they'll become permanent fixtures on your shower karaoke set list.

The first eleven tracks on Night Visions are the strongest in my opinion, although this could be because i'm rarely in the car for long enough to hear the later songs. My favourite track is definitely Bleeding Out because the pace and dynamics are really mixed up with steady verses interrupted by a chorus that invites you to sing your heart out.

If you're one to judge an album by it's cover (see what I did there?) then please don't be put off by their seemingly moody appearance, their songs are actually really lively and upbeat. Not to sound forceful but I insist you look them up right now. 

                                                                        Love, Anna x