Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lush Goodies

After getting excellent results from my last two Lush buys (Tea Tree Toner Water and Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask) I couldn't resist popping in when I spotted another store in Nottingham. This time I opted for a Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and a small bottle of Sea Spray Hair Mist.

OH MY GOSH. The buttery, chocolate scent of the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask is absolutely GORGEOUS. Having to keep it in the fridge is not helping me resist the temptation to eat it, although I suspect it probably doesn't taste as good as it smells. It also contains tiny pieces of what look like choc chips which make it all the more irresistible. It's so satisfying to completely smother my face.. 

This mask is designed to gently combat "oily and teenage skin" which I've battled for a long time. During the ten minute application time it sits very lightly on the skin then rinses off smoothly. I'm thrilled to find that it leaves my face smelling of chocolate for at least an hour after use. I've also noticed how soft and fresh my face now feels, my oily skin has been significantly reduced which is great news. Verdict: 10/10.

I also spotted a product i've never seen before in Lush, Sea Spray Hair Mist. It promises to give "body, volume and hold" to your hair and I can tell you, Lush know how to keep a promise. Immediately after spritzing through my very fine, limp hair, this product gave the impression it was twice as thick. It gives a sort of messy, tousled look (think beachy) which I much prefer over perfectly smooth, neat hair. After a day out in the sun, my hair still held on to the volume and barely looked any different which i've never experienced before with any sort of hairspray or product. Furthermore, it has a lovely perfumed scent which kept my hair smelling wonderful all day (I got a few funny looks for smelling my own hair so often).

On my first try I made the mistake of spritzing my roots too which left them greasy and flatter than before. However, since this i've learnt to avoid the roots and spray only underneath and into the length of my hair. The one drawback of this product is the price, £9.95 for the smallest bottle! I'm yet to decide if it's worthy of such a price tag although admittedly I haven't found a cheaper version with any where near as pleasing results.

Love Anna x