Sunday, 6 October 2013

Leather Jackets

Autumn/Winter 2013 and leather jackets (faux, of course) are again a massively hot trend. Not only do they keep you snug and dry in the predictably rubbish British weather, they also compliment almost any outfit to make a statement. I've waited all Summer for it to be cold enough to wear mine again and my love for it is back and stronger than ever! If you haven't invested in one yet, you're really missing out so here are my top three from the high street.

Okay so I'm a little biased towards this gorgeous jacket because it's the one I own. Nonetheless, I chose it for a reason didn't I? I love how it's figure hugging which is very flattering when worn with a thinner top underneath. The fur collar also stands out to me as I find it a lot more glamorous than the black fur collars which can look a bit tacky in my opinion. As for the price, £58 in Topshop is an absolute bargain, I've seen t shirts on sale for more than that! 

                          New Look, £39.99                     Black (Black) Black Leather-Look Panel Waterfall Jacket | 269246501 | New Look
Flat chested ladies, this is the jacket for you! The main feature of this New Look jacket is the waterfall on the front panel (as you'd probably already noticed). The ruffles trick the eye and give the appearance of a fuller, more feminine figure, yay! Furthermore, they give it a much more interesting style which would really bring out the elegance of a simple outfit. It's also available in a creamy beige colour but I think traditional black is the way to go if you're looking for effortless glam. 

River Island Floral Hand Painted Leather Jacket - Lyst

I think i'm in love. The intricacy of this HAND PAINTED jacket is absolutely incredible and so unique! The design is so girly and autumnal, so so perfect for this season. Admittedly, the price is quite extortionate but if you splash out on one thing this year, let it be this timeless piece

So those are my top three high street leather jackets. I tried to find a range of prices to suit everyone but as these are so versatile and hard wearing, I definitely think they're worth their price tags.

Love Anna x