Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review: Fudge Urban Texture Blaster

I have super flat, flyaway hair. Sigh. I had a little (okay I was was there for ages) browse through the hair product section in search of a product to liven up my hair a bit. Having never tried out the brand Fudge Urban before, I took a chance and picked up a can of their promising looking Urban Texture Blaster (£6.99).

First of all this product smells so yummy! It's a tricky scent to describe, kind of mango and pineapple and a hint of something else tropical I can't quite put my finger on. Having tried so many products that just made my hair heavy and greasy, I didn't have the highest hopes. However, I'm quite pleased with the results! It didn't make my hair go really stiff or tangled like many products I've tried, nor did it make my roots look greasy. The spray also works brilliantly as a hairspray for updos.

Unfortunately it dried my hair out quite a bit but as my hair gets greasy quickly (ew I know) it didn't matter too much. My hair smelt gorgeous for the rest of the day - it secretly doubles up as a hair perfume, mmmm. I used a quick spritz and tousled for a subtle lift in the first photo then experimented with a bit more spraying and scrunching for the second. Considering I usually have dead straight hair, I was impressed with the immediate texture it gave me. However, a brief trip into the windy outside world completely destroyed my new look. Saying that, it's not a bother to carry it along with you for refreshes.

As my hair is all one length and well overdue a visit to the salon, I think it would give even more texture to someone with layers or a different type of hair. Overall, although I initially liked this product, I wasn't impressed with how quickly my hair resumed it's usual flatness. However, I love using it just as a hair perfume and my boyfriend secretly uses it to add some texture to his short style. I'd love to see photos if you've had interesting results too so feel free to comment below.

Love, Anna x