Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Is bareMinerals Worth All the Hype? | Review

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a selection of bareMinerals makeup but annoyingly, I forgot to photograph it all freshly packaged before using it. I've included photos anyway, so I'm sorry it doesn't look as beautiful as it once did *cries at the memory*. Being an expensive range and one that beauty bloggers have raved about, I have to admit some of the products didn't live up to my high expectations. 

The Starter Kit included: Prime Time Foundation Primer, Fairly Light Foundation, Warmth All-Over Face Colour, Mineral veil and three brushes. Of course I had to have the lightest complexion range. 

Starting with the primer, to be frank I find it to be indifferent to most others I've used - does the job well-ish and keeps my foundation smooth for a fair few hours. However, at £11 for an individual teeny tube, I'll be sticking to cheaper high street versions - sorry bareMinerals! The same goes for the 'mineral veil' which is basically a fancy name for setting powder. At a ridiculous £20 individually, I'd advise you to stick with everyone's favourite Rimmel Stay Matte which is around £3 and does the job perfectly.

I was much more impressed at the foundation which gives a natural, matte finish and lasts pretty much all day with the occasional setting powder top up. A lovely lady at the bareMinerals stand in Boots showed me how to 'swirl, tap and buff' with the Full Flawless Face brush to achieve an even coverage with minimal product waste. I have no idea how, but once applied to your face, this pressed powder magically transforms into a more creamy texture. The coverage is medium so if like me, you're gifted with lots of lovely spots, it's not the best disguise. Saying that, the aim of bareMinerals is to improve troubled skin as it's a light powder rather than a heavy, pore clogging liquid, so I'm going to stick with it. UPDATE: I have since purchased the next lightest shade and found it suits my pale skin better.

A slightly confusing product is the all over face colour which is supposed to be a cross between blusher and bronzer. There is a knack to the application if you're looking for contouring, but beware to only use the teeniest tiniest bit because it's so pigmented, a slight mistake will leave you with a huge brown splodge, hard to pull off with pale skin like mine. On the few times I've successfully applied this, I've achieved that sunkissed look that would probably look a lot better in the Summer. If you're patient and more skilled in makeup application then I'd suggest you give this product a trial. However, if you're lazier, paler and clumsier, like me, you're probably better off with your regular blusher and a gentle bronzer in the Summer.

Finally in the starter kit, I received three lovely brushes - like, why haven't I been using these for my whole life as a makeup wearer. There's a small concealer brush, a medium fluffy blusher/bronzer brush (my favourite) and a huge fluffy foundation brush. The aim is to make a little go a long way by buffing product into your skin to achieve a natural look, although excessive buffing does cause them to shed a lot. I admit I used to use just one brush and my fingers, but these babies are so soft I just enjoy stroking my face with them...

The lipstick was bought separately from the main kit but is my favourite product, possibly ever. There's a huge range of bareMinerals lipstick shades but this one is 'Speak Your Mind' which is a gorgeous pinky colour, only a couple of shades above my natural lip colour. I'm really impressed with the strength in the pigment, which is just bold enough to make a difference without giving too much of a Professor Umbridge vibe. It also smells absolutely scrumptious, kind of like toasted marshmallows. As for staying power, I get a couple of hours before it goes all peely and yucky and I have to reapply. 

Also bought separately from the starter kit, the concealer was a pricey £21 for a very small pot - I'm dubious as to how long this will last, especially as I use quite a lot to cover my spots, so I'll let you know. As most of the bareMineral products are powder formulas, I was surprised to find this is a cream concealer (there is also a powder version) but it works equally well applied with a brush or fingers. I got this in shade Light 2 but probably would've been better off with Light 1 as it ends up a bit orangey. Saying that, if blended well it does provide a strong, lasting coverage, especially if worn underneath foundation and setting powder. Overall I'm happy with the quality of this product and would repurchase if it lasts for a reasonable time.

left to right: mineral veil, face colour, lipstick, concealer
I appear to have rambled for quite a while, oops! If you're still here thank you, now go and buy that lipstick!

Love, Anna x