Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year, Fairly Similar Me

Happy New Year everyone! 

Being the lazily unprepared soul I am, the new year has yet again sneaked up and pelted me with a load of gifts, food, expectations and opportunities. Having eaten enough to last me the whole year, I've devised a couple of resolutions I hope will outlast my 2013 targets, which I stuck with for approximately a fortnight. I won't bore you all with the same old British teen girl resolutions you've probably seen plastered across social media eighty seven thousand (ish) times, but I do have a few little things planned this year.

My first blog post in April 2013, cringe!
Firstly, this blog is soon to celebrate its first birthday! So far I haven't really made the effort to publicize it and gain many readers, I think I actually just talk to myself on here mostly, oops. So this year I want to try harder to establish more of an identity and mix up my ideas a bit. I feel I need to jazz everything up and maybe step away from the same old beauty reviews towards more general topics and anecdotes - watch this space! Note: I will be sitting my A Level exams this summer which has to be a priority, but after that it's full steam ahead.

Also this year I'll turn eighteen. For most people this is the most exciting thing ever but I feel kind of weird about it. I still skip around my house singing S Club 7 more often than is generally acceptable for an almost eighteen year old and I don't know the first thing about taxes. I guess I'm kind of stuck in 2008 and in denial that I'll one day have to do grown up things                                        such as stress about a mortgage and watch Question Time with a black coffee. 

Durham Cathedral A.K.A Hogwarts
September 2014 will be focused on only one thing - university. If all goes well with my exams, I'll be heading off to freshers week at Durham, eek! The Potterhead within me is SUPER excited to live in a city where parts of the actual Hogwarts building was filmed, so I can waltz around pretending I'm Hermione Granger. You can actually study Harry Potter as a degree there - don't worry, I'm not that crazy, I'm doing sociology. It's also really far away from where I live now because unlike most people I know, I want to embrace this chance to live somewhere completely different to force myself to become more independent, confident and experience a new world. Hopefully I'll make at least one friend and have the time of my life, fingers crossed.

That's all I have for this new year's update, I'll be sure to keep you posted on how I get on with all this.

Love, Anna x