Friday, 18 July 2014

My Week In Photos 3

Much to my dismay, there has been a heatwave in England over the last week. I like being warm, don't get me wrong. What I don't like is stepping outside at 5:30pm and almost fainting in the 28 degree heat. Due to my ghostly pale skin I don't really tan, I burn nicely though! I braved the sauna that is the great outdoors for a few hours but mostly hid inside my house waiting for the inevitable end of the world. 

My friends and I  went for a picnic at Rutland Water as we all had the day off work, there
were barely any people there on a Friday lunch time so it was really peaceful.
Every summer I struggle to find sunglasses that fit my face and don't make me look like a fly - the search is ongoing.
My friend Georgie (above) and I went for a meal at Cafe Rouge before seeing Begin Again at the cinema. The food was tasty but the service was so slow that despite arriving over 2 hours early we were late for the film! Begin Again was excellent though, a super cute chic flick.
I introduced my boyfriend to the love of my life: Costa's Peach Ice Tea.
 I've been reading Paper Towns by John Green and although it's not my usual choice of book, I am quite enjoying it. I managed to survive for about 5 minutes out in the sweltering heat before retreating indoors.
On a cooler evening I went for a bike ride around my local park and watched a beautiful sunset, my legs and bum hurt so much the next day!
My dad built a makeshift BBQ and my little sister and I toasted marshmallows, mmmm
What did you do this week? What do those of you abroad do in constant heat?
Love, Anna x