Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Week In Photos 4

Last week I was gifted with a couple of days off from work so I did a little exploring around my local area in the sunshine (read: blistering sweaty gross makeup ruining heat).

On Saturday, Calum and I took lunch (Boots meal deal hell yes) to eat in my local park under the shade of the trees, it was lovely to see children learning to ride bikes and families playing in the sun.
On Monday, my sister and dad went on holiday for a few days so mum and I went to the nearby town of Stamford, a picturesque market town with a gazillion independent cafes. Naturally we lunched at the brand new Whetherspoons and opted for Salmon Sweet Chilli Noodles and blueberry smoothie - delicious!
How quaint is Stamford? The buildings are all olde worlde and reminiscent of Durham where I'm hoping to go to uni in September!
In Stamford we stopped by The George hotel for drinks and found the fanciest bathroom I've ever seen.
The George was gorgeous and split into different themed restaurants and areas, the gardens were super pretty!
On Sunday, my dad took my sister, my boyfriend and myself to the lovely Wymondham Windmill, a delightful little place with some cute independent shops, a cafe and obviously a windmill. We heaved ourselves up about six flights of stairs to the top of the windmill which was covered in cobwebs (eek!) but had a great view.
At the windmill there was a little woodland which we strolled through, I thought this tree shadow looked pretty cool.
I apologise for not having anything groundbreakingly interesting to show you this week, but I hope you enjoy the few snaps I did take. Do you have any suggestions of places I should visit?

Love, Anna x