Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Weekend Escape

Last weekend for a little change of scenery, myself and Calum took a trip to Norfolk for two nights, camping at Sandringham. Tucked away amongst elegantly tall pine trees, this campsite is one of my favourite places and offers a peaceful retreat. I'm in love with the smell of the pine cones scattered everywhere and the birdsong each morning. 

There are lots of footpaths wavering through the woods, which lead to us getting completely lost on a ten minute loop and returning over an hour later! Eventually we found human life again and stopped for coffee and flapjack at the Sandringham Estate Visitor Centre, fun fact: the Queen has a holiday home at Sandringham!

Being the wild teenagers we are, most of our time was spent ambling around Hunstanton and Old Hunstanton doing nothing much. The beach at Old Hunstanton is a lot nicer and has soft white sand with scenic beach huts and views of the famous cliffs. 

We braved the gale force winds for a brief trip to the beach, where we found sheltering in the dunes was the only way to escape the 'breeze'. Despite it being mid August, it was pretty chilly and the sea was freezing as always!

The cosy local The Ancient Mariner was lovely for our first dinner, their cheesy chips are spot on! Overlooking the sea we enjoyed milkshakes and lattes (again, wild) at Rockafellas American diner. The decor was completely retro and the menu included things such as Chili Dogs and Ranch Burgers. 

We only pitched a small festival tent and didn't have electricity so we passed the evenings with card games, spending every minute in fear of drowning in our sleep due to the torrential rain both nights. Thankfully our little tent held out, who needs glamping anyway? It was a short but sweet weekend away and something a bit different, a well needed escape.

Love, Anna x