Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lunch Date

Recently I visited Yumi Yumi Bakery in Loughborough for a lunch time snack with Calum. I'd never been before but was enticed in by the curious selection on the menu. It was a really tiny cafe with probably five tables inside and a couple outside, which made for a cute and intimate setting. As it's also a bakery the scenery consisted of extravagantly decorated home baked cakes and other yummy looking treats. I opted for a cinnamon and apple crepe and Calum choose a cream and syrup concoction. We both had mango bubble tea with mango juice balls which was a rather weird taste experience! Although super sickly, everything was delicious and I'll definitely be going back to try out some other crepe and bubble tea variations. A lovely little place with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere, I definitely recommend it.

I stupidly forgot to photograph the actual bakery so here's one from their Facebook page, check them out
My crepe was huge and filling but it was so tasty I couldn't leave any, oops!
The mango bubbles were like jelly outside and popped to reveal syrup inside, they reminded me of those bath pearl things!
 Where do you like to eat out? Have you ever tried bubble tea?

Love, Anna x