Friday, 8 August 2014

YNOT Festival 2014

Last weekend, along with my boyfriend and two other friends, I braved my first proper festival, YNOT, in the Peak District. It's classed as a 'small festival' which means it was somewhere in between Glastonbury and local festivals I'd been to closer to home. There was a main stage and a handful of smaller venues such as tents and bars. As i'm generally scared of people this suited me much better than a huge scary festival. I apologise in advance for the quality of these photos but I didn't want to risk taking a proper camera and iPhones don't mix well with dark gigs, you get the idea though.)

The YNOT sign aka selfie central, especially popular with people named tony...
Stevie Ray Latham was an awesome acoustic singer with an interesting lilt of a Devon accent adding soul to his quirky love songs.
Dizzee Rascal songs aren't really my scene but he was a great entertainer and the crowd knew all his songs so the atmosphere was crazy! He also performed the Florence and the Machine collaboration 'You Got The Dirtee Love' which i'm secretly a huge fan of.
Frank Turner was the artist I was most keen to see and he definitely lived up to my expectations.The headliner had the perfect balance of folksy guitar and belting choruses, a clear favourite with the crowd.
Selfie with my boyfriend Calum who bought me my ticket for Valentines Day, what a cool present!
Similar selfie with our friend Corey, in the Hog and Barrel circus tent, we're sitting on hay bales - country style!
There were lots of cute stalls and refreshment stops scattered around, there was even the option to have tea with 'the grannies'! I also loved the vintage stalls where I bought a ring and our friend Che bought a hideously vibrant nineties jacket!
The sunset over the grounds was gorgeous, we accidentally pitched in the family area so most of our neighbours were tucked up in bed by this point - oops!
 Other highlights of the long weekend included The Fratellis performing Chelsea Dagger, Newton Faulkner swishing his dreads and the amazing Razorlight! I had such a great time despite the rain and at about £80 for a three night ticket I'd definitely recommend YNOT for anyone wanting to experience the festival lifestyle on a smaller scale.

Love, Anna x