Monday, 13 October 2014

Life of a University Fresher

I couldn't contain my inner fangirl here, the actual filming location for the courtyard scenes!

Who doesn't love a good violent Professor Green concert?

I've been at Durham University for 2 weeks now and I already I feel like I've lived here for years. Life now is a complete contrast to my long, lazy summer and I'm immersed by new people, places and commitments. I'm living in a self catered flat with 5 other first year students and after some awkward introductions, we all get on well together. In a bid to meet lots of new people I've joined the Yoga/Pilates, and Harry Potter societies as well as becoming a writer for online student magazine, The Tab.

Being part of a gowned college, a highlight of my freshers week was Matriculation, a ceremony formally inducting new students into the university. This involved us all swishing down to the cathedral (aka THE ACTUAL HOGWARTS COURTYARD) in our gowns, trying to control our hangovers from the customary bar crawl the night before. Another highlight was seeing Professor Green slap a student during his performance at the welcome ball, seriously. However, my favourite event was the silent disco which was absolutely hilarious!

I only have 4 hours of lectures a week for my degree in Sociology, as well as 3 a week for my free electives; Business Marketing and Psychology. However, my course is largely based around independent reading so I still have a lot of work to keep me 'entertained'. I'm not too sure where my nine thousand pounds is going as I'm still expected to buy a stack of pricey textbooks alongside other additional expenses... hashtag capitalism.

It might take me a while to work out how to efficiently food shop for one person and how long I can survive in between dreaded laundry trips, but I'm definitely settling in well here. As I'm yet to excel as a culinary wizard, (all of my meals consist of pasta) that's my next aim. I'm embracing my new independence and having the best time along the way. Although blogging has to be sidelined due to my academic commitments, I'm still trying to squeeze in as many posts as possible to keep you updated.

 Love, Anna x