Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Top Five Lipsticks

I wasn't much of a lipstick fan until quite recently as I'd always felt like it was too much against my pale skin. I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to makeup so I tend to stick to similar shades of "your lips but better" for daily wear and go absolutely wild with a red on extra special occasions. I've rounded up my top 5 to include both affordable and luxury lippies.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine "Biscuit" - £1.99
Let's start with the 'friendliest' lippy for those intimidated by the bolder shades and prices. At a super affordable £1.99, the Natural Collection Moisture Shine range is perfect if you're not ready to commit. It's the perfect muted red-brown "your lips but better" shade. I think this colour really suits my skin tone and is my go to for daily wear. The formula is fairly standard for a drugstore product, fading evenly after about two or three hours. For £1.99 I can't complain.

 Mac Satin "Twig" - £15.50
Mac's Twig is a muted brown-pink with a slightly purple undertone, a darker version of the "Kylie Jenner" vibe. The colour pay off is fantastic and true to the colour of the bullet, although the swatch on the Mac website is quite misleading. Although this shade makes me look extra pale, a bold bronzer balances it out. This lipstick is from the matte Satin range so stays put for a strong six hours and clings on fairly well during meals. As it's such a bold lipstick it definitely benefits from a lipliner to prevent bleeding. The smell/taste is luxurious and feels more 'grown up', a product absolutely worth its price tag.

This lippy is slightly outside (although pressed up against) my usual colour choice in the form of a muted bubblegum pink. "Speak Your Mind" was recommended to me by a bareMinerals consultant to highlight my natural colour and I find that Barbie pinks can look a bit tacky on me so this is a safer option. Marvellous Moxie lipsticks are wonderfully creamy in consistency and give a polished finish. The colour is buildable and stays put all day. The smell of this product is gorgeously sweet and the packaging is sleek and sophisticated.

Eva's Nude is a bright coral toned nude (unsurprisingly). My favourite lipstick for summer, it makes a tan look more radiant and is a safe option when you're an otherwise sweaty mess. It adds a very subtle pop of colour, a great basic for enhancing rather than changing your lips. The formula is creamy but not sticky and sits nicely on the lips for a few hours before needing a refresh.

Although I love the way it looks, I tend to avoid a red lip because of the "is it on my teeth/is it smudged round my face/has it faded weirdly?" stress. A bold red requires a level of maintenance that my trusty nudes don't so I save this one for special occasions (Christmas, meeting the Queen, Harry Potter anniversaries etc). However, I featured Soft Earth because it's my favourite shade of blue toned red, not too bright, not too dark. I love how it looks with my pale complexion and blonde hair and the longevity is fantastic.

I'd highly recommend all of these lipsticks and I hope I've given some guidance through the vortex that is Boots. I'm also on the hunt for a more durable high end lipstick in the same shade as Biscuit so please do leave any dupe suggestions.

Love, Anna x