Wednesday, 16 September 2015

3 Teas To Try

Forget the alcohol isle, the tea and coffee isle in supermarkets is my heaven. The neatly stacked rows of colourful boxes are like treasure chests, brimming with every imaginable flavour, spice and aroma. There are cute novelty tea infusers, syrups and sachets galore. Don't even get me started on the mug section. I love a strong English breakfast with my granola but sometimes I fancy a change. I've never been one for fruit teas, why do they smell like sweets but taste like sweaty Lemsip? Instead I prefer warming, spicy blends. Here are my three favourites at the moment.

1.  Rooibos, Vanilla & Cocoa Nibs Infusion, Marks and Spencer, £2.90
At a pricey £2.90 for just 15 tea bags, this one is more of a treat than an everyday cuppa. However, the actual bags are made from a silky mesh which feels much more luxe than regular paper ones and the pretty pink box is super cute. This blend is sweet and rich in taste, the vanilla and cocoa nibs give a subtle chocolatey hint without the heaviness of a hot chocolate. Perfect for curling up under a blanket on a winter night.

2. Salted Caramel Green TeaTwinnings, £2.49
I find plain green tea too strong and 'grassy' tasting but this intriguing blend from Twinnings takes the bitter edge away and smells delicious too. It's not sweet but you can definitely taste the hint of salted caramel. There's no need for milk or sugar so it's a guilt free treat. This brew is more comforting than regular green tea and the scent is strong enough to fill the whole room. Twinnings have so many tempting flavours in the green tea range, I definitely need to try Gingerbread and Cherry Bakewell!

3. Vanilla Chai Tea, Tesco (Finest), £1.49
I've tried several brands of chai tea but honestly, the Tesco version is as good as any. The vanilla version is more subtle than plain chai but both are delicious. At only £1.49 for 50 tea bags, I could bathe in the stuff without having to take out another student loan. If you're not familiar with chai tea (not to be confused with chai latte) it's a strong, spicy blend of cinnamon and gingery goodness that tastes like Christmas. If you like it creamier, it also tastes great made with hot milk before bed.

Can anyone recommend a new tea for me to try out?

Love, Anna x