Sunday, 13 September 2015

5 Date Ideas

Don't get me wrong, a cinema trip followed by a bite to eat will always be a fail safe date option. However, after a few rounds of this it can be nice to mix things up a bit and try something different with your partner. Here are a few of my favourite, less traditional date ideas. If you're not dating, they're all great fun with friends too.

1. Afternoon Tea
Although this can be a bit pricey, afternoon tea makes for a lovely treat on special occasions. I feel so sophisticated sipping from a proper teacup in a cute cafe. Afternoon tea usually consists of a sharing platter of sandwiches, cakes and scones, much more intimate than an ordinary restaurant meal. It's a more laid back date, you can relax and chat for hours over a few cups of tea.

2. Strawberry Picking
This one is ideal for a summer afternoon if you're local to a fruit farm. If you've never been before, you pick up a punnet on arrival and head out into fields offering rows and rows of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other fruity treats. There's something so satisfying about scouting out the plumpest, juiciest berries and picking them off the plant yourself and working together to fill the punnet. Afterwards, you can share a yummy dessert made with your fresh strawberries.

3. Ikea Trip
500 Days of Summer anyone? You probably know I am a huge fan of homeware. I've always found Ikea to be a fun trip out, I love wandering around the show rooms, sniffing every candle and 'testing out' all the swivel chairs. If you've been together a while, it can be fun planning your future home together and comparing colour schemes. Then for a classy lunch, heaps of meatballs with a side of mash. The mini food shop after the checkouts is a treat in itself, I'm obsessed with their Pepparkakor ginger biscuits.

4. Kayaking
Kayaking is something myself and Calum only recently tried out but it actually turned out to be great fun. Our local reservoir hires out kayaks for just £7 an hour, you can get one each and race or double up for a cosier session. It's easy to get the hang of and feels so peaceful gliding along the water. Warning: you will get an extremely wet bum so don't forget a change of clothes.

5. Picnic
If your partner eats food, you can't go wrong with this one. Pack up a home-made hamper and a cosy blanket and head to the park, lake or beach. My favourite snacks to take are popcorn, fruit, and tortilla chips with dip. Take some books and find a secluded spot or enjoy a walk through nature. If you're looking for a winter date, an indoor picnic by the fire works just as well!

Have you tried any of these date activities? How about getting a small group together for a different day out?

Love, Anna x