Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dainty Daisy Designs | Independent Business Spotlight

When creating my Homeware Wishlist I realised most of the items mentioned were from major chain stores. I'd like to discover and support more small brands run by hard working, creative individuals (who actually pay their taxes, damn capitalism). In light of this, I've decided to start a new series of posts focusing on independent businesses, promoting brands I believe will appeal to my readers and reviewing their products. 

Dainty Daisy Designs was founded by the lovely Becky in Summer 2015. Originally a hobby, her illustration brand is now blossoming impressively into an independent business with a growing range of products including phone cases, pocket mirrors, postcards, pins and stickers galore featuring her designs. Rebecca very kindly gifted me the latest three postcard designs and a pack of stickers in the most adorable parcel.

Before I've even opened my adorably packaged parcel, it's clear how much effort Becky has put into the wrapping - pretty tissue paper adorned with stickers, tapes and a friendly polar bear.

The A5 prints are vibrantly coloured and excellent quality, especially considering their super affordable £1.50 (or set of 3 for £4) price tag. The motivational 'Trophy' print is perfect for decorating a desk area or planner while the 'Kitties' and 'Woodland' prints would look extremely cute framed or as gifts. I've displayed them on the wall using pretty tapes! The adorably named 'Wormycorn' stickers are only £1 per pack (including postage) and would look awesome jazzing up notebooks or folders.

I caught up with Rebecca to have a nosey behind the scenes...

What were you initial motivations and aspirations when opening the shop?
"I opened the shop sort of as a Summer project because drawing is a hobby rather than something I study. The fact that my business is already taking off is so exciting!"

Where do you take inspiration from, who are your favourite designers?
"My ultimate inspiration is Polly Vadasz of Sighh Designs. I admired her shop and used her work to teach myself more about designing. We speak online and she's so lovely, a great role model."

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?
"I'd like to study Graphics Communication and Illustration at the University of Loughborough, it would put me in a great position to learn more about designing and expand my shop. Hopefully I can run the business full time."

What are your plans for new product releases?
"Next on the cards are new additions to the pocket mirror range, maybe a monochrome trio? In the future I'd love to design notebooks too."

Do you have any advice for others hoping to start an illustration brand?
"Go for it! Whether you've an arty educational background or just a passion for art, don't be put off by anything.  Get yourself on Bigcartel and promote across social media, it's such a useful platform". As you grow as a designer you can compare your original designs and cringe fondly at how far you've come, there's no better feeling than seeing someone with your products."

Check out Daisy Dainty Designs on instagram, facebook and twitter to keep up to date with exciting new releases. As an extra special treat, if you place an order before September 10th you'll get a free gift!

Love, Anna x