Sunday, 20 September 2015

University Essentials

Unless you're going to Durham University like me and have another 28 years (ish) before term starts, you've probably already started freshers. I realise this post would have been more helpful a few weeks ago but if you're still planning a last minute IKEA dash or you're just very organised for 2016, here are my top university essentials.

Clothes Horse 
When a trip to the laundry room costs a precious £3 of your student loan, you'll find yourself putting it off until you don't have any clean clothes left. Trying to dry everything you own in one room becomes quite the struggle. Even with my clothes horse I ended up draping jeans across the doorway, the curtain pole and the shower rail.

Command Hooks/Strips 
Most uni accommodation doesn't allow things stuck on the wall (not that this stopped the paintwork destroying monster who previously inhabited my room) so I highly recommend command hooks and strips. They use some kind of magic to stick to the wall, meaning they can support decorations, bunting and pictures without leaving a mess.

Door Stop 
You've probably been told 50 times to prop your door open during freshers to look all sociable and friendly so I won't bang on about it. It's also very helpful when moving in if your door automatically locks. I turned up with a cute plush door stop that did a pathetic job against the heavy fire door, so go for a sturdier option.

Fairy Lights 
While fairy lights obviously aren't an absolute survival essential, I found mine made my room feel really warm and homely. It's so important to make your room a place where you like to be and where you feel comfortable to keep homesickness at bay. They're super cute and look great strung up with photos.

Extension Lead 
Boring, but essential for using your phone or laptop from the warmth of your bed and handy if your room doesn't have an abundance of sockets.

Take plenty of storage for lunch on the go, left overs and freezing the 7 extra portions of spaghetti bolognese that you accidentally made... ahem.

Sharp Knives 
I only took one sharp knife and having to wash it 5 times a day did not suit my lazy lifestyle, If you think you can get away with slicing an apple with a butter knife, you can't.

I apologise that this isn't the most exciting list you've ever read, but adult responsibilities turn out to be less than thrilling. I hope this check list helped anyone moving to uni and wish you all the best of luck.

Love, Anna x