Saturday, 10 October 2015

50 Facts Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Abbi to post the 50 Facts Tag and as I've never written a facts post, I thought I'd give it a go. Disclaimer: I'm flaky and have commitment issues so I apologise in advance if (when) I run out of facts before I reach 50.

1. My full name is Anna Elizabeth Barnard Wright. It never fits in the name section of forms and I'm the only Facebook account with that name.

2. I'm 19. I do not remember the 90's.

3. I'm studying for a BA in Sociology at Durham University. My original plan was to do Magazine Journalism at Southampton Solent, not sure what happened there.

4. My career goal has always been to become a journalist. I'd love to write a column but I'm always stuck for inspiration and motivation.

5. I'm a devoted F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and rarely watch anything else. Although Ross is my favourite character, I'm very much a Chandler.

6. I hate Disney and everyone else hates me for it. Sorry.

7. My favourite pastime is exploring (and Instagramming) cute coffee shops. My one true love is a gingerbread latte but I've usually tried every drink on the menu.

8. I am taking the 'Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion' module at uni this year, my family have disowned me but I can't wait to get started.

9. I have a lovely boyfriend named Calum, we've been together since I was 16.

10. I am teetotal because I dislike the taste, effects and price of alcohol. I imagine hell to be filled with massive clubs where they make you dance to Anaconda remixes for eternity.

11. I love stationery and try to be that person who colour codes their neatly presented work but I'm really the one scribbling with a chewed Biro I just found on the floor.

12. I hate lateness. I have a recurring dream that I'm late for prom because I forget one shoe but every time I go back for it I forget it again and get later and later until I wake up sweating.

13. I have a concentration span of approximately 3 minutes so most things in my life are unfinished. 

14. My favourite smell is new flip flops. See also: new crocs, those foam jigsaws children have, the wetsuit section in beach shops.

15. My biggest fear is coming across an intruder when alone in the house. I consider Taken to be a horror film.

16. My perfumes of choice are Jo Malone: Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Marc Jacobs: Honey and Nina Ricci: Nina.

17. After much consideration, my last meal on death row would be lasagne (with garlic bread, of course) followed by banoffee pie.

18. My favourite place to be is the seaside at sunset, walking along the beach wrapped up warm.

19. I studied English Literature, Sociology and Business Studies at A Level. Business was my favourite subject at school but the finance maths part put me off a business degree.

20. I am 5"7ish with size 6ish feet. My main talents are reaching things from the top shelf and speed walking.

21. I hate having bare feet. Even in the summer my toes get super chilly so cosy socks are a necessity.

22. I'm definitely a shower person. I very rarely take baths because I get too hot and flustered and I'm usually too long to comfortably lie down.

23. Raspberries are my favourite fruit and I get genuinely excited about my weekly trip to the market and the crazy cheap prices.

24. I find unpainted toenails repulsive and have a weird thing about only painting them red or pink.

25. I always wear an assortment of silver rings, never gold. I take them off at night but get very stressed and fidgety if I forget to put them back on in the morning.

I'm apologetically going to give up half way because I'm running out of ways to bulk out my terribly average self. I hope I didn't bore you too much. I'm tagging the lovely Robyn of The Fashion Conscious Feminist and Alice of Another Little Review.

Love, Anna x