Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Highlights

Inspired (read: blatantly copied) by 'year in review' style posts by the lovely OllyCharlotte and Hayley, I've rounded up my top ten (*Dermot voice* in no particular order) highlights of 2015. Initially I thought my year had been pretty uneventful but after trawling through approximately four thousand and eight photos in my 2015 album, I originally had about thirty highlights, so narrowing it down to ten was quite the struggle indeed. This year I've become more independent, hit some blogging milestones, contributed to other sites, completed my first year of university with a 2:1 and adventured to new places.

  • Manchester. In March, Calum and I visited Manchester for a few days. This mainly involved getting lost in the most enormous Primark I've ever seen and sipping cocktails in fancy bars. Despite the adventure, I found the sheer size of Manchester overwhelming and feel relieved to have picked such a tiny city to live in. 
  • Glitterbug Tour. After being Wombats fans since year eight, Zoe and I got tickets for the Newcastle leg of their Glitterbug comeback tour. Despite most of the other fans being about fourteen, remembering every word to Techno Fan filled me with nostalgic joy.
  • The Election. 2015 was my first vote and striding proudly to the ballot with my friends made me feel like a real grown up. Tensions were high as we waited out the results and were all bitterly disappointed together. Milibae 4eva.
  • Edinburgh Zoo. After exams, my uni pals and I spent two weeks having fun together before parting ways for Summer. I loved our trip to Edinburgh Zoo, especially seeing the gorgeous giant pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang. I've also sneaked in a photo of us all from Butler Day that week which included glitter tattoos and inflatable sliding.
  • Mallorca. In early Summer, Calum and I went on our first holiday abroad together to Mallorca. I don't cope well with such heat but it was the perfect break relaxing by the pool, visiting all the local beaches and dressing up for an evening meal each night. We even managed to suss out the airports by ourselves.
  • Chester. In mid Summer, my uni pals and I had a reunion at Millie's house in Cheshire. Our trip to Central Perk, a real life replica of the coffee house in Friends, was possibly the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. I have so many more memories with my friends from 2015 (which had to be cut out because this post was eighteen pages long (front and back ;) ) and I feel we've come so close as a group this year. Another shiny highlight was six of us moving into our first home together, we're quite the grown ups now.
  • Leeds. For my birthday in August, Calum and I stayed in Leeds and relaxed over brunches in quaint coffee shops. We had the most delicious pancakes in Mrs Athas and The Laynes had the smoothest velvety coffee I've ever tasted. I particularly enjoyed visiting the beautiful Corn Exchange and particularly disliked being serenaded by the staff in TGI Fridays. 
  • Passing my Test. After taking lessons sporadically over almost two years and failing two previous tests, I finally passed my practical driving test. I find driving rather terrifying and severely bumped the curb on my test so passing came as a surprise to us all. I'll most likely have forgotten how to drive by the time I get a car but much like when driving, I'll avoid that bridge when I get to it.
  • Happy and Glorious Tour. For my 18th birthday in 2014, my mum planned to take me to Michael McIntyre's stand up tour, only to find the tickets were for 2015. We eventually made it to the Nottingham show and it was definitely worth the wait. Michael McIntyre is by far my favourite comedian and had me in hysterical tears as always.
  • Christmas. This year I celebrated Christmas in five different houses! In Durham we were treated to heavy snow and my friends and I hosted Christmas dinner. I was in charge of potatoes and the evening was rounded off with a classic George speech. On Christmas day I embarked on somewhat of a tour between my dad's house (ft our new bunny, Hedwig), my mum's house, my grandparents' house and Calum's house. I ploughed through about three stone of turkey and spent the evening competing in an intense Rapidough battle. I was also delighted to exchange cards with some of my lovely internet friends who turn out to be real people with actual handwriting!
Love, Anna x