Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Skincare Favourites 2016

Until I was 18, I was a facial wipe sinner (sorry beauty bloggers) I didn't understand what a skincare routine was and thought skincare products were a waste of precious money better spent in the more exciting world of make-up. For this I've now been punished, cursed with acne scarring and skin prone to angry breakouts. However, having seen the error of my ways, I've stuck to a proper skincare routine for the last 18 months. These are my current favourites but I'm also loving the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Toner alongside.

Una Brennan sits at the pricier end of the drugstore but well worth the money as the quality is comparable to high end brands. The packaging is simple and fresh which makes it feel more luxurious. After using my cleanser to remove my makeup, I use the oil as a second cleanse to rehydrate my skin. I'm not a fan of the grannyish rose scent but it feels lovely to apply so I can overlook this. I use the serum after toning to plump my skin and give my complexion a healthier glow. I'd describe it as smoothing some life into my sleep deprived skin.The citrus scent is delicious so using this actually feels like a treat to use and the smell lingers on me for a while which is love.

This is a recent purchase on recommendation from Charlotte's Web. I immediately loved this product because it soaks into the skin so quickly rather than leaving me wafting a sticky face like many other moisturisers I've tried. My face feels a little tight after applying, as if my pores and spots are being sucked back in (sorry for that image). It's great for calming aggressive red patches and clearing up troubled areas. Admittedly I hate the clinical looking packaging, there's so many languages crammed on I didn't even realise it was a moisturiser to start with.

This 'super strength breakout clearing gel' is very similar to one I was prescribed for my acne a few years ago. I use it directly on spots and it dries them out before they turn into white heads, healing them faster without the need for popping. It does sting a bit initially but the witch hazel and ginger then sooth sore spots. It's super handy for emergency breakout situations.

I'm not too sure primer counts as skincare but I had to sneak it in here as it beats any other I've tried. I found Instablur and One Heck of a Blot to be okay but nothing special. I have a few products from the tea tree range which I enjoy because the smell is calming and the tea tree soothes the skin. This primer is a fave though because it actually helps my make-up cling on evenly rather than looking dry and cakey over my pores. 

Love, Anna x