Friday, 5 February 2016

BirchBox January

Since trialling my first Love Me Beauty box, I've been sucked into the world of beauty subscription boxes and decided to try a few other brands, for research purposes of course... I opted for BirchBox, the founder of beauty subscriptions. Unlike Love Me Beauty, the contents of the box were a complete surprise - all the more exciting. For £10 (plus p&p) I received 5 products, a cute pocket mirror and a selection of cute art prints, an absolute steal packaged in a beautiful box in collaboration with Pinterest. 

I've never tried lash primer before so wasn't sure what to expect but I can safely say I now need it in my life. Worn alone as a brown mascara it gives a soft, natural look which I really like against my pale skin. Worn underneath mascara it makes my lashes more defined and less... crispy? At £18.50 for the full size, I probably wouldn't buy this princess product again but I'll definitely enjoy using this mini.

This liner is full size, worth £12, so the box has already paid for itself. I've heard rave reviews of Eyeko liners and I'm impressed by the quality, longevity and deep black shade. However, as someone with a clumsy hand, I got in quite a mess with the chunky nib and had to make like Amy Winehouse for the evening. I'm keen to try Eyeko's skinny version of this liner which I'll hopefully get on better with.

I love Rituals so I was excited to try a new product from them and this showel gel did not disappoint. The gorgeous scent filled my whole box, floral, but in a soothing spa way rather than an overpowering granny way. The consistency is initially gel and turns into a slightly overwhelming foam explosion which is gorgeous for lathering. I confess, I usually buy my shower gel from Poundland, so this was a lovely luxury treat.

This spray claims to detangle, protect against heat and UV, seal split ends, condition, smooth and shine your hair. A tongue twistingly big claim, but it genuinely delivers on all accounts. I spritz through the lengths of damp hair before blow drying and it leaves my hair soft and smooth. It also smells DEVINE, I can't quite place it but it leaves my hair smelling like sweeties all day.
I feel rather sophisticated reading this name in my head yet completely butcher the pronunciation out loud. It's a toning make up remover, used in the same way as a micellar water. The citrus scent is refreshing but I had to scrub at my mascara a lot more than with my hot cloth cleanser which made my eyes sting. I also had to use 3 cotton pads worth of product to completely remove my makeup so not a fan of this at all.

The adorable Pinterest inspired art prints are my favourite from this box, I can't wait to frame them for my wall!  I'm also going to keep the pretty box for storage and pop the mirror straight in my bag. I'm really impressed with the amazing value of the box and will probably repurchase it over Love Me Beauty. I'd definitely recommend BirchBox if you also find the idea of a mystery beauty delivery utterly thrilling.

Love, Anna x