Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Top 3 Nude Lipsticks

Recently I've been absolutely loving nude "your lips but better" lipstick as an easy everyday option, all aboard the Kylie Jenner train.I find browny pinks most flattering on my pale skin and feel more confident throughout the day knowing they won't fade awkwardly or smudge disastrously. My favourites are basically the exact same colour, but I couldn't choose between my children so here's my top three.

Everyone's favourite, rumoured to be the original Kylie shade. Velvet Teddy is on the browner side of nude. The matte finish is completely opaque and lasts a strong few hours, even surviving coffee slurping. It has the classic vanilla Mac scent and is definitely the best quality of the three.

A new release that's made it straight into my favourites stash, Seduction is a slightly more earthy toned nude. The yummy scent is really strong, reminiscent of those foam banana sweets. It doesn't dry quite as matte as the others but is more moisturising and comfortable. The packaging is sleek and stands out in my collection of boring black tubes.

I'm a huge fan of this range and also love shades 01 and 107. This one is a creamy matte pink nude that's subtle enough to apply without a mirror. My most worn of the three as it's the easiest to quickly slick on in a hurry. The taste is pleasantly sweet with a fruity edge. The longevity is fairly decent and it fades evenly, for £5.49 you can't go wrong here.