Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Postcards From Dublin

Earlier this year I visited Dublin, Ireland for the weekend with Calum and some friends. We stayed at the Leeson Lodge guest house which was very quaint and provided a lovely continental breakfast. We'd never been to Ireland before so were quite thrilled with the novelty of a place so similar to home but with strange little differences and only got lost about 58 times. Traffic lights are weird in Dublin and everyone is drunk, all the time. Although, everywhere is super pretty, I loved the elegant and colourful #DoorsofDublin, the beautiful buildings of Trinity College. and tranquil Stephen's Green Park. The Trinity Bar area is quirky and lively for tourists, also hosting every single shop ever.

On our first morning we joined a walking tour around the city, it rained for the entire trip but our very enthusiastic guide Ben pointed out all the sights and had an impressive knowledge of Dublin's history. The city is scattered with literally hundreds of adorable coffee shops but I especially enjoyed KC Peaches which seemed to be on every corner. We ate the most delicious sushi on Dame Street and tapas at the very aesthetically pleasing House, but unfortunately the atmospheric lighting (read: near darkness) meant I couldn't get any photos to do it justice - a highly distressing situation. 

I was also dragged along to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery attraction which I expected to be dull, what with the teetotalism and everything. However, it was quite interesting to see the manufacturing process and browse the gift shop. The rest of our group loved it so I'd recommend if you're a Jameson fan, although I'm told the Guinness version is better. Mysterious side note: a lot of bars seem to have an age restriction of 23 rather than 18.

A weekend simply wasn't enough to see everything so I'll definitely be back!

Love, Anna x