Sunday, 3 July 2016

5 Favourite Albums

Since I started writing for Radsound, I've neglected the music side of my own blog, which used to be one of my favourites to write about. (Definitely check out Radsound if you haven't already, so much hard work goes into creating an amazing student led site!) I thought I'd round up my favourite albums because although I like a lot of artists, there aren't many entire albums that I love throughout. I must admit writing this post has made me realise what a white girl circa 2013 I am, but what can you do. James Blunt's Back to Bedlam is also runner up (sorry) but he ruins my street cred so he's just here in spirit.
Alt-J: An Awesome Wave
Alt-J are hands down my favourite band and this album flies significantly higher above the rest of this list. I wanted to include both albums, but maybe you can have too much of a good thing. Described by my friend as "plinky plonky music", the now three piece make me want to skip along the tide wearing wavy garms and shimmying. While every song is a masterpiece, my ultimate fave is Taro.

Frank Turner: Tape Dec Heart
Seeing Frank Turner's fantastic live performance at YNOT Festival in 2014 promoted him to one of my fave solo artists. This album perfectly combines his angsty, aggressive style with raw, personal lyrics and is surprisingly grounded considering his Eton background. Recovery and Tell Tale Signs are highlights. Turner also fronts The Sleeping Souls, but to be honest their music is terrifying.

Arctic Monkeys: AM
A (cringey) review of this album was one of my first blog posts back in the day and I don't have much more to add so check that out. It's still my favourite Arctic Monkeys album but three years later, I'm getting impatient waiting for a new release.

Catfish and the Bottlemen: The Balcony
Since winning a Brit Award for British Breakthrough and releasing second album The Ride this year, Catfish and the Bottlemen have soared in (well deserved) popularity. Catfish's sound could be described as if The 1975 replaced Matt Healey with Alex Turner and were frankly more interesting. I'm a big fan of The Ride but I still prefer the liveliness of their debut album.

Mumford and Sons: Babel
For Christmas 2013, my mum and I both unknowingly bought this album for each other but it's so good that owning two is justifiable. I Will Wait's rapid banjo playing gives me the urge to jump and click my heels as I walk while the dynamic vocals of the title track can only be sung at full volume. Relaxed by upbeat, Sigh No More hosts some of their best songs but Babel is consistently strong.

Regretfully, there aren't any female artists on this list, so please fill the comments with your fave ladies for me to check out.

 Love, Anna x