Thursday, 6 October 2016

Adventures In Cardiff

Despite spending most of my summer working full time in an office with tragically few Instagram opportunities, Calum and I did visit Cardiff for four nights to celebrate my 20th birthday (eek, adulthood). Calum is Welsh and I'd never been before, so we loved exploring the beautiful city and were lucky enough to have glorious sunshine throughout our stay. We stayed in the most Pinterest-worthy Airbnb - a bright, modern flat with a quirky mezzanine bedroom courtesy of the lovely Alice, which made the perfect base.
Cardiff fast became one of my favourite cities, and with a list of TripAdvisor favourites longer than you can throw a pokeball to visit, I thought I'd share some of my highlights with you.

Cardiff Castle
The castle is located right in the city centre, giving gorgeous panoramic views of Wales. Entry was about £10pp and gave access to the grounds, inside the castle walls, the tower and the house which were all really interesting to look round and suitable for all ages (although unfortunately most of which were not wheelchair accessible).

Vegetarian Food Studio
As both a vegetarian and a curry fan, I was super excited to discover this veggie Indian restaurant. The Vegetarian Food Studio is a small family run eatery, with lovely paintings and tapestries adorning the walls to give a really homely feel. The menu was 100% vegetarian with an abundance of vegan alternatives available and had so many delicious looking choices, I opted for a tasty paneer based concoction. I'm usually restricted to a vegetable korma so I was thrilled to have about 30 creative, authentic dishes to choose from. 

Another glorious vegetarian find, Cardiff city is an absolute haven for veggie food. Atma is more of a fast food/takeaway situation, a rare treat in the veggie world. The menu was vast and exotic, full of comfort food and yummy treats. I had a delicious halloumi and spinach pie with sweet potato fries which we took back to the flat to eat curled up in pjs, heaven.

Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Bay was just a 15 minute boat ride down the river from Bute Park (a Sandshrew nest if you're a Pokemon fan) which was a rather pleasant form of transport. The Bay itself has recently been refurbished and is now a tourist trap with a pleasure beach, every food chain you could imagine and hundreds of Pokemon (sorry, I'll stop) next to the Wales Millennium Centre. We went around the time of what would be Roald Dhal's 100th birthday, so there were lots of attractions and markets celebrating all things Matilda, Willy Wonka and The Twits. 

Since this post is becoming rambly, I'll quickly shout out Locke and Remedy - a fancy cocktail bar, the National Museum Cardiff - full of history, art, nature and dinosaur displays, and Bar 44 - a lovely tapas bar. Cardiff had so much more to offer but we couldn't fit it all in to our short trip, I can't wait to return to the fantastic Welsh capital.
Anna x