Monday, 10 October 2016

Shadow Switch | Brush Cleaning For Cheats

Since getting my paws on the Naked palettes*, I've become a huge fan of eyeshadow. I'm no expert, but I can just about manage some brown shimmer in the daytime and smoke it up a bit at night. My beloved rose gold Zoeva* brushes are my babies so I like to take good care of them, constantly preening their pretty little heads. The only problem is trying to blend a fresh look without smearing last night's darker shades all over the place. Enter *Shadow Switch*, the latest life saver from Beauty Essentials.

The Shadow Switch easily and quickly cleans your brushes, meaning you can build up the perfect eyeshadow look using just one brush - yes, it's possible. It's essentially a wire sponge pad in a tin, so ingeniously simple that I'm kinda mad I didn't think of it first. Before using another shadow, give your brush a quick swirl in the dry sponge and all traces of shadow are wiped off in seconds. Much faster than washing your brushes and having to wait ages while they dry or just wiping your brush on your PJs (sorry).

You can see from the photos how well it works after literally 10 seconds of scrubbing. This product is absolutely game changing if you're lazy like me, my makeup looks so much better blended properly and my beautiful cream brush hairs always look as good as new.

You can currently buy Shadow Switch on Amazon for just £5.99. It will also soon be available on the Beauty Essentials website and SEPHORA IN THE UK OH MY. My Shadow Switch uses the old packaging, so I've included a sneak preview of the sleek new design below.
*The Shadow Switch was gifted to me for promotional purposes but all opinions are my own*