Friday, 30 December 2016

16 Things I Learnt In 2016

1. To say Yes to scary opportunities... consequently how to interview my favourite bands!

2. The importance of eating a vegetarian diet and how to cook loads of yummy new things

3. Not to buy products tested on animals, there are lots of fabulous cruelty free brands to choose from

4. There is always time to read books for pleasure

5. The general population are VERY BAD at voting on important decisions

6. How to dutch braid the back of my own hair

7. How to get promoted at work

8. How to make barista coffee (sort of, I'm yet to perfect my latte art)

9. How to navigate two new cities, Dublin and Cardiff

10. To embrace the small boob life - goodbye pokey underwires and suffocating padding, hello dainty lace bralettes

11. Less is not more when it comes to highlighter

12. Internet friends make great real life friends

13. How to perfect my Adult Phone Voice

14. Extravagant weddings are a no from me

15. Always pee after sex

16. How to survive a zombie apocalypse... and how to die. Thanks, The Walking Dead


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