Sunday, 30 April 2017

Eden Perfumes

Since boycotting brands who test on animals, fragrance has definitely been the hardest to replace. While I discovered an abundance of cosmetic and hair care brands to choose from, it was disappointing to realise literally none of my old favourite perfumes were cruelty free! As I've been shopping cruelty free for almost a year now, I've pretty much used up the remains of my collection so the search for a new fragrance is on. After tweeting my dilemma, I received quite a few recommendations for Eden Perfumes.

Eden are a 100% vegan and cruelty free company who produce scents ~inspired~ by the most popular brands. They're based in a shop in Brighton but have a website so you can order to the UK with free shipping. Each neutral yet sophisticated looking bottle is 30ml and costs £18, which is a crazy bargain even if you're not into cruelty free stuff (why do you hate bunnies?). While excitedly browsing the website, I spot scents similar to Marc Jacobs' 'Daisy', Dior's 'J'Adore' and Lancome's 'La Vie est Belle' to name a few.

I picked out 3 bottles; 470 - Tobacco Vanilla & Spices (cough, Tom Ford), 7 - Eden Number Five (cough, Chanel) and 16 - NiƱa Floral Fruity (not even hiding the Nina Ricci there). I didn't have high expectations considering the price, but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised! I've smelt all of the designer versions and while they don't smell exactly identical, they're a close match - definitely recognisable. More importantly, they all smell lovely and the notes come through quite strongly, so I have no complaints at all.

I've been testing the perfumes out for a couple of months now and still reach for them most days, 16 being my go to for the day time. The scent stays on my skin all day and lingers on my clothes until I wash them, but isn't overpowering or irritating. I absolutely recommend Eden and will definitely be purchasing some more bottles once I manage to choose between the many gorgeous sounding scents! If you're in the market for more cruelty free recommendations, take a look at The Best Hair Care, Drugstore vs High End and my Christmas Gift Guide!