Thursday, 6 July 2017

Life Update: I'm a Graduate!

Life is changing so fast. At the end of June, my three wonderful years at Durham University came to an end and a graduated with a 2:1 in sociology! Considering I didn't even expect to get accepted into Durham (supposedly the back up plan for Oxbridge rejects, lol), I'm pretty proud of this achievement. Although I'm definitely not going to miss exams, I'll miss lovely little Durham, which felt so safe and calm compared to other cities. Strangely, I'll also miss my job at the Student's Union, the first job I felt comfortable and confident at. It feels very weird not to be a student anymore after spending most of my life in education, but I'm excited for the next step.

Graduation also marked another exciting change as I officially moved in to a little flat in Birmingham with Calum, after over 4 years together in a long distance relationship. (He's still in training to put the toilet seat down but so far we're doing good). I feel like a child playing Grown Ups and it's been so much fun shopping for pretty home accessories. I think I'm officially an adult now because I took great pleasure in buying a dining table and microwave? We've adopted some new house plants, so I'm determined to raise them better than their neglected relatives! I've also posted a New Flat Tour now everything is unpacked and organised, so check out that if you're a fellow interiors obsessive.

The less glamorous side of graduate life is the job search. The endless, esteem-crushing, soul-destroying, tedious job search. I naively thought the whole "there are no jobs" thing was a bit of a joke, but after months of back to back applications which seemingly just disappear into the void, I'm disheartened. Spending every day alone in the flat scrolling through Indeed and refreshing The Guardian is lonely, but on the bright side - I've read two books and caught up on Orange Is The New Black and Master of None. I'm hoping to use this time to write more blog posts and build my written portfolio on other sites. I'm most interested in a job related to journalism/writing/marketing/social media so hit me up if you know of anything!

The gorgeous view from my job in Durham
That's about it for this life update. I have lots of ideas for new blog posts so watch this space if you fancy reading my ramblings about my reading list and adventures in Birmingham.