Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Best Cruelty Free Hair Range

Since switching to only cruelty free products, I've searched high and low to find a new shampoo and conditioner brand. While there are plenty of cruelty free makeup brands to choose from, there are annoyingly few affordable but lovely hair options. I usually find own brand shampoo to be a bit crap so didn't have high hopes for these unlikely contenders. Roll in Superdrug's Coconut Water range.

The range smells strongly of fruity piña colada - not in the artificial way own brands often do, just like the real deal. Pineapple and coconut are my absolute fave scents so I could be biased here, but the divine smell lingers in my hair all day and I can't get enough. They also leave my hair super soft, light and clean. 

As well as shampoo and conditioner, the range includes a hair mask which I haven't tried. They're kinda expensive at £3.99 each but you get a generous 400ml and can usually find a 2 for £5 offer. Regardless of the cruelty free stamp, these are some of my favourite hair products ever and I'm already on my third repurchase. There's only so much you can rave about hair potions but I just had to give these guys a shout out for anyone who wouldn't give them a second glance - I highly recommend!

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