Thursday, 28 December 2017

30 Before 30 Bucket List

After seeing Hannah Witton and Samantha Maria posting this tag on YouTube, I thought I'd write up my own goals for the next decade. I have a tendency to give up on New Years Resolutions so I'm hoping this way I'll be able to tick off more! I've listed my 30 goals to achieve before I turn 30 here so I can look back on them over the years.

Big Goals
  1. Get a graduate job in my desired field
  2. Get a promotion in said job and earn enough to live comfortably and independently
  3. Buy a car and become comfortable driving on my own
  4. Become a home owner
  5. Get married - low key ceremony, somewhere warm, try not to get divorced
  6. Travel to 10 new countries, including New Zealand, Denmark, France, Iceland and South Africa.
  7. Live in a different country for at least 6 months.
  8. Reach certain (undisclosed) amount saved in my bank
  9. Say yes to more scary opportunities
  10. This space is reserved for if I think of something super cool/important
Medium Goals
  1. Make more vegan choices, maybe even commit fully to veganism?
  2. Become a dog mum. Also rabbits. And Cats. And another dog
  3. Get paid to write freelance
  4. Earn money from The Annatations
  5. Shop more ethically/sustainably
  6. Fly in a hot air balloon
  7. Witness a Labour Party election win (stolen from Hannah Witton but damn, I want that)
  8. Stay in contact with my school and university friends, and meet more of my online friends IRL
  9. Take part in a protest
  10. Raise/donate money for charity
Smaller Goals
  1. Read more books, aim for two a month
  2. Actually use some of the recipe books collecting dust on my shelf 
  3. Write regular blog posts and branch out from my usual content
  4. Develop my personal style (clothing wise) and make more effort with outfits
  5. Marathon the Harry Potter films without falling asleep
  6. Train my taste buds to enjoy drinking black coffee
  7. Keep at least one of my plants alive
  8. Host Christmas - vegetarian style. Also host a dinner party
  9. Build upper body strength and be able to do a pull up
  10. See more of my favourite bands live