Monday, 4 December 2017

Cruelty Free & Vegan Christmas Gift Guide #Blogmas

Cruelty free Christmas shopping? Completed it mate.

Since I've stopped supporting brands who test on animals and am trying to cut out animal products in general, my family hate buying presents for me. If you're not ordinarily an animal friendly shopper, it can be tricky to know what's safe to buy without putting in the research. If this is you, fear not, I've done the window shopping work for you and put together a gorgeous gift guide suitable for anyone you might be buying for, vegan or not. P.S - If you are my boyfriend/family member/sister, I will  graciously accept any of these lovelies...

Foodie Gifts

My main area of expertise in life is snacks, and Christmas is peak fun snack time. You can't go wrong with a cosy festive drink like this peanut butter hot chocolate (doesn't actually contain nuts so still great for those with allergies) topped with a generous helping of gelatine free mini marshmallows. If your pal is more of a coffee drinker, spice things up with a set of coffee syrups, the mini ones make cute little stocking fillers! To bulk out a present like this I love adding a pretty/novelty mug, a coaster or some biscuits (Lotus, Bourbon Creams and Oreos are all vegan!). 

Beauty Gifts

It isn't Christmas if you don't receive at least one present containing "bath shit", as my friend Charlotte calls it. If you're buying for someone who washes, which is most of us, toiletries are a safe bet. For something a bit more festive, I love The Body Shop Vanilla Chai range, this sugar scrub being my favourite product. Lush are also an ideal brand for seasonal gifting, this Santa's Christmas naked shower gel  is a double vegan whammy as it doesn't have plastic packaging so is completely environmentally friendly!

Fragrance wise, Eden Perfumes are an absolute dream. I've mentioned them before (here) but honestly they have every dreamy scent you could want for only £18! Tobacco Vanilla is my favourite for this time of year. The Body Shop perfumes are also really lovely and super affordable. For makeup, Charlotte Tilbury is the most luxurious CF brand and lots of their products are completely vegan too. The iconic Pillow Talk lip liner is a gorgeous universal nude shade. For a more extravagant gift, Spectrum have The Best Ever synthetic makeup brushes - check out this sparkly Fire set complete with velvet pouch.

Loungewear Gifts

In my opinion, a cute animal print makes everything significantly better. Bunnies are my favourite little creatures in the whole world, so of course I've already asked my mum for these adorable bunny pajamas. I'd prefer a real bunny for Christmas, but a girl can dream... As a smaller stocking filler, who could say no to these embroidered fox socks? For a cheaper alternative, Primark always have loads of novelty creature cosy socks - perfect for your animal loving giftee.

Let me know what's on your list to Santa this year. All gifts mentioned are linked below.